Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Video is over! Just in the process of finishing up the DVD stuff so you should be able to expect hardcopies within the next mont or so. Sorry it took so long, but I've been pretty busy with, well, everything. Rumor in Edmonton is now shut down, and that took up a lot of my time and energy - I'd love to have a skate with you now that I have a little more free time though, so if you wanna sesh - shootme a text or drop me a line on Facebook. See you out there

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shane Barlow

Shane's gnarly! Shane's beast. Shane is Shane - plain and simple! He'll outparty you, steal your girlfriend, do your trick for warmup and then get the trick he came for before you even know what hit you. I've watched Shane skate for a long time now and I'm really stoked to be able to film him. He kills everything you put in front of him. Kid was on a serious tear last season claiming bangers and then taking care of business. He goes big, has a deep bag of tricks, the dopest style and isn't afraid to steal your last beer while you take a leak! Here's his part - chomp chomp bitches!

SOMETHING LEGIT - 12 - Shane Barlow from Shane Barlow on Vimeo.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mitch Phillips

I've known Mitch forever, he's like my brother at this point. I feel like everytime I write about him I end up kissing his ass way too hard, so I'm just gonna let his skating do the talking. I will tell a little story about Mitch that makes me smile. One time we had plans to go filming but I couldn't make it because my mom was finishing her garden in her backyard. There was truckloads of gravel to haul from the driveway into the back. Mitch really wanted to film, but instead volunteered his help for the afternoon. Must've moved about 30 wheelbarrows full over 3-4 hours. It's little things like that, that make Mitch a great person off his skateboard as well. Thanks for being my friend Mitch - it's been a pleasure watching you grow into the man you are today. Thanks for being patient with me when I screw up filming a clip here and there, it makes me feel like less of a retard. Anyways - here's his part from Something Legit

Friday, March 4, 2011

Josiah Cariou

I first heard of Jo from my good friend Nathan Bartlett. Jo moved here from Abbotsford, BC with his girlfriend a couple years ago and Edmonton has had the pleasure of watching him skate since then. I'm really stoked that I got a chance to go filming with Jo and give him a part in my video. He has the highest standards for himself and I can honestly say that he was never satisfied with anything he got. He always thought that he could do it cleaner, down a bigger set, or some other variation into or out of a ledge. I can't wait to see what his creative mind comes up with in the future - Jo always blows my mind with his talent. Here's his part from Something Legit as well as an afternoon at the food court when he needed to test out his new dancing shoes

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monty Python

The 3rd montage from Something Legit features Orran Lepak, Travis Clark, Alex Minor and Dean Piquette. Lots of other homies sprinkled throughout as well, including Zero and Emerica professional, Jamie Tancowny, and the filmer, Mike Maurer.

SOMETHING LEGIT - 9 - Monty from Mike Maurer on Vimeo.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kurt Oldach

Kurt came on board to film this part late and really came through. Having filmed and dropped two video parts the previous year, Kurt knew what it was gonna take to get a part together. One of the nicest people I've ever met, Kurt is a dope dude who skates just about anything you put in front of him. Smooth style, big bag o' tricks, and mad love for anything Altamont and Emerica, Kurt rips! Simple as that. Thanks to Cayden for filming most of this and for a lot of help with figuring out edits, titles, premieres, posters and such - Cayden literally saved the video from sucking more than it did. I owe ya bud!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Robin Holdsworth

I've known Robin for about 7 years now and it's always been fun to go sesh with him. Unfortunately our schedules didn't jive so well while filming for this video, so a lot of his footage came from other contributors. One of my favorite people to sesh with, I usually just end up watching because he destroys every spot the way I wish I could. Here's his part from the video - song by Bombchan